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We assist property owners to negotiate the highest possible value for their asset. Our experience and market knowledge we will identify the competition, recent transactions, coming trends, and market demand. Pre-planning and advising our clients or property managers in maintenance, vendor selection, upgrades, and improvements will make a significant impact for the cost in the price the property will command in the market.

Our targeted marketing will direct your property to the right market. Specifically targeted prospects will hear from us directly. Our broker distribution lists will advise the area commercial brokers your property is available and will give them access to the property brochure as well as the custom property web site. Our universal program utilizes all of the popular commercial real estate Internet sites for maximum exposure. Contact us today to review our custom marketing plan.

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Buying commercial real estate is both fun and challenging. Whether you are buying for investment, as an owner/user, or both, understanding every property and the market is paramount. Identifying specific property requirements can take many steps and save you a lot of money down the road. Understanding the difference between similar properties and what makes one better than the others requires experience. Knowing the market and the competition is required to make informed decisions and to negotiate. Having access to “off market” properties can substantially increase your ability to buy the right property.

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Leasing your property and making sure you are getting the best possible rate and terms takes current market information and knowledge. Marketing vacant space and getting results requires working with an ally who knows the market, knows the likely tenant or industry that will lease your space, and requires someone who will take calls, call people back, follow up, and get the job done.

We have specific marketing plans for different property types and prospective tenants. Check out Leasing Tips For Landlords


Looking to rent commercial real estate space? Whether it’s your first time leasing, or you’re the manager of a corporate real estate department we can help.  Many components make up a successful lease negotiation.  Knowing precisely what you need is vital, considering zoning, size, location, rent structure, expense structure, tenant improvements, sign issues, parking issues, maintenance issues, etc.  Most successful lease transactions are handled by a competent and experienced broker. There are many factors that go into space location, lease negotiation, lease preparation, space modifications. Check out Leasing Tips For Tenants

Lease Negotiation

Lease negotiations come down to one very important thing – information. It’s critical to have the latest information whether you are representing the Landlord or Tenant. We can help you with your lease negotiations and provide you with the latest market information so we can negotiate the best possible deal. Check out Leasing Tips For Tenants or Leasing Tips For Landlords

Property Management

We offer full service, top quality, property management for commercial properties. As a boutique firm we can focus on quality and we know who you are when you call or stop by our office. Our goal is to “add value” to every management assignment.

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