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Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are the Landlord or Tenant it is vital that you understand the lease documents, responsibilities, and expectations of the other party.

As a Landlord you want happy tenants paying their rent over the long-term. As a Tenant you want a space where you can conduct your business, make a profit, and continue to grow for the long-term or move to a space that suits your changing business needs.

We’ve negotiated many leases over the past 26+ years. Many were good, long-term arrangements. Others not so good. Why do some work so well? Why did others not work? The common thread is expectations and communication. The leases that work well long-term were structured in a way that both parties were clear in their roles. In leases that fail the common thread is typically unsatisfied expectations and communication.

At North Bay Commercial, we’re skilled at helping Tenants identify their specific needs and requirements then matching you with the right property to create a long-term, successful lease arrangement. Leasing Tips For Tenants

Working with Landlords we verify the requirements of the Tenant and don’t try to put a round peg in a square hole. This saves everyone a lot of time, money, and frustration. We know the right questions to ask. We’ll help you select the right Tenant that’s a good fit for your property. Leasing Tips For Landlords

We represent Landlords and Tenants, often times both in the same transaction. This requires a professional skill to balance the wants, needs, expectations, and aspirations of each party to the transaction. If effectively communicated to both parties a long-term, successful, and profitable relationship can result.

Contact us if we can help you in your next leasing endeavor.

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