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North Bay Commercial Property Management

We offer full service, top quality, property management for commercial properties. As a boutique firm we can focus on quality and we know who you are when you call or stop by our office. Our goal is to “add value” to every management assignment.

Management is a process. It all starts with understanding your goals, objectives, concerns, and frustrations. Then we analyze the property physically and financially. After we have a good overview we put together our recommendations and prepare a proposal for our management services.

Increasing income and reducing expenses is our goal. Tenant retention and property maintenance programs help keep your property fully leased and your asset productive for the long haul. Staying up to date with market conditions we know whether or not we can negotiate rent increases. We know what concessions are being offered in competing properties and we know what lease deals are actually being signed. We stay current with market lease rates. This puts you in a good negotiating position with new or existing tenants.

Vendor relationships are important to our business. Working with quality vendors, getting great service, and offering them multiple properties for a quantity discount helps cut expenses and increases quality. We continually update our contractor and supplier list to ensure the best prices and quality of work. Typically, two of the largest expenses on most properties are Property Taxes and Mortgage Payments. We analyze every property annually to determine if we should appeal the property taxes or refinance the mortgage. Our Blanket Insurance Policy typically saves our clients 10-15% compared to their existing property insurance. An annual budget and forecast is created for each property so we can project the income and expenses to be sure we’re staying on track. We also compare this data with other similar properties to spot inefficiencies.

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