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North Bay Commercial Real Estate has done a consistently excellent job managing my properties for nearly ten years here in Santa Rosa. Their management team is professional and knowledgeable; having worked many years in this area, their network of contacts is superior. They have always responded the same day when I called or emailed with a question or needed advice. They treat each client as if they have all the time in the world to help in any way.

I especially appreciated the CEO, Dale Dockins , for his unfailing support and expertise when I chose to file in small claims court. Dale walked me through the process, organized evidence, and acted as a witness during the hearing. To say that North Bay Commercial Real Estate goes the extra mile for its clients is an understatement!

If I were to rate this firm, I would give it five stars; you will be in the hands of management professionals if you use North Bay Commercial Real Estate.

–¬†Susan Condon

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